Restaurant menu

Appetizers and soups

Cold-served hors d ’oeuvre

  • Traditional home-made rendered lard with smoked cracklings and home-made bread58,- Kč
  • Pickled thick sausages in vinegar with onion and home-made bread 68,- Kč
  • Marinated camembert with chilli pepper and home-made bread78,- Kč
  • Beef sirloin steak tartare with fried bread and garlic approx. 100g 228,- Kč


  • Beef clear soup with meat, home-made noodles and vegetables48,- Kč
  • Old Bohemian garlic soup with smoked meat and bread crumbs48,- Kč
  • Traditional goulash soup55,- Kč

Hot-served hors d ‘oeuvre

  • Homemade fried game sausage with mustard and horseradish approx. 120g98,- Kč
  • Fresh pan-fried hash browns with sauerkraut 3 pc88,- Kč
  • Grilled "Raugette" cheese with rucola salad and toasts158,- Kč
  • Aubergine stuffed with grilled vegetables and au gratin with feta cheese138,- Kč

Main course

Selection of czech dishes

  • Roast pork knee with mustard, horseradish and cabbage cca 1,1kg298,- Kč
  • Spicy spare ribs with corn on the cob cca 600 g268,- Kč
  • Half a duck roasted in lard with red cabbage and a variety of dumplings288,- Kč
  • “Mährische Spatzen” (neck of pork) served on cabbage with potato dumplings148,- Kč
  • Roast sirloin beef in creamy sauce with mountain cranberries and bread dumplings158,- Kč
  • Šiml’s beef goulash with bacon dumplings158,- Kč
  • Bread-crumbed cheese in sauce tatar138,- Kč


  • Packages in bacon coat - cca 200g208,- Kč
  • (Loin of pork steak, coated with herbs in bacon)
  • Stuffed potato pancake - cca 150g218,- Kč
  • (Pork tenderloin mixed with vegetables in a home-made potato pancake)
  • Pork tenderloin with mushrooms - cca 200g218,- Kč
  • (Pork tenderloin roasted in one piece with mushroom ragout)
  • Smith matej’s stew - cca 150g208,- Kč
  • (potato halušky (Slovak gnocchi) with fried pork tenderloin chunks, onion and fresh button mushrooms, softened with cream and baked with cheese)
  • Steak from grilled neck - cca 300g218,- Kč
  • (generous hunk of pork neck with grilled vegetables and home-made bread)
  • Pork schnitzel - cca 150g148,- Kč
  • (pork schnitzel using pork neck or boneless cutlets)


  • Beef steak “Jurášek“ - cca 220g358,- Kč
  • (Roast sirloin beef steak with roast bacon and pepper sauce)
  • Beef steak ”Fazolák” - cca 220g368,- Kč
  • (Roast sirloin beef steak with beans and bacon)
  • Beef "Flank steak" - cca 250g298,- Kč
  • (With bacon chops and roasted garlic)


  • Chicken breast on the spit - cca 150g188,- Kč
  • (Bread-crumbed breast of chicken, stuffed with ham and cheese)
  • Chicken steak with tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese - cca 150g198,- Kč
  • (Steak of chicken breast baked in with tomato slices, basil and Mozzarella cheese)
  • Chicken fork - cca 200g218,- Kč
  • (chicken skewer with courgette, pepper and onion)
  • Bread-crumbed breast of chicken - cca 150g148,- Kč


  • Grilled salmon llet on spinach with cream - cca 150g248,- Kč
  • Zander with grilled vegetables and herb butter - cca 200g 268,- Kč

Attachments and accessories


  • Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken chunks, bacon, parmesan and freshly baked baguett168,- Kč
  • Variation of salads with cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, grilled "Maminha" beef steakand roasted baguette248,- Kč
  • Vegetable salad with bits of grilled salmon and roasted baguette218,- Kč
  • Mixed salad with feta cheese68,- Kč
  • Mixed vegetable salad58,- Kč


  • Strawberries, fried in beer-batter, with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream108,- Kč
  • Home-made fruit dumplings with curd cheese and sugar98,- Kč
  • Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries68,- Kč
  • Apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream78,- Kč

Side dishes

  • Mashed potatoes with bacon and onions44,- Kč
  • French fries44,- Kč
  • Dumplings of the day38,- Kč
  • Boiled potatoes with melted butter44,- Kč
  • Toasted herb baguette 2pc44,- Kč
  • Potatoes roasted in a pan44,- Kč
  • Steamed rice38,- Kč
  • Grilled vegetables68,- Kč
  • Corn on the cob68,- Kč