About our pub

The pub, Lobby Bar, and summer terraces offer peaceful and undisturbed environment where our obliging staff will serve excellent dishes and other refreshments according to your wish to you. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the green racecourse and golf course from the summer terraces.


What you can enjoy

Our bar is well stocked with a wide selection of both soft drinks and alcoholic drinks and our kitchen will prepare dishes not only from old Czech cookbooks but you can also enjoy on-order dished from the menu or specialties made on the JOSPER charcoal grill.

  • There is also the traditional Karlovy Vary beer called “Karel IV,” brewed in the local brewery, on tap in our pub.
  • A noon menu and other special offers are available on workdays.

Need more privacy

ased on your request, we can arrange closed family or company parties in our lobby bar located between the restaurant and the U Šimla hotel.

A parking lot is available in front of our restaurant as well as on the premises of the Holoubek Hippodrome.

What you might be interested